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Show Choir BandJ. Walters
And finally, upcoming dates. Make sure your calendar is up-to-date!
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Show Choir BandJ. Walters
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Show Choir BandJ. Walters
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Show Choir BandJ. Walters
Please also write the following notes into your scores (in pencil) before rehearsal tomorrow.
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Show Choir BandJ. Walters
Hello everyone! I'll see Vitality Band (ready to play) @ 6:30 and Studio @ 7:30 tomorrow (Thurs) in the band room next to the choir room!
All-StateUHS Vocal Music
Allen Chapman Workshop Schedule for TODAY
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VitalityC. Conner
Please print off a copy of Illusion from google classroom for tonight’s rehearsal! See you tonight!
Urbandale SingersUHS Vocal Music
1/3 of the choir has completed the mid-semester check up. We really appreciate your time and valuable feedback.
VitalityC. Conner
Hey all, the printers still haven’t delivered our closer music; Please print off a copy for Tuesday from google classroom.
Studio 2020UHS Vocal Music
Free after school? Meet on stage to help set platforms for Studio and Vitality rehearsals tonight and tomorrow night. Thanks in advance!